2023 CFA® Exam Prep Level 1

This course is a combination of live in-person classes as well as access to our comprehensive online portal, which provides a detailed explanation of every item that may be tested on the CFA Exam. The live classes will further reinforce the core concepts from all the topic areas.
While advanced registration is required in order to attend our classes, enrollment fees will not be due until the beginning of the 2nd class. This will give you the opportunity to attend our first class for free before deciding if PASSMAX is right for you:

  • Sunday March 26, 2023:              Quantitative Methods (Free Trial)    
  • Sunday  April 2, 2023:                    Fixed Income & Derivates  
  • Sunday April 9, 2023:                     Economics & Financial Reporting
  • Sunday April 16, 2023:                   Financial Reporting
  • Sunday April 23, 2023:                   Portfolio Management & Corporate Finance
  • Sunday April 30, 2023:                   Equity, Alternatives, & Ethics
  • Tutorials: April 1, April 8, April 15, April 22, April 29, June 24, July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29
    (Attempt high priority exam questions and access instructor for specific problem areas)  
  • CBT Mock Exam:  Saturday May 6 (for May candidates)                                  
                                             Saturday August 5 (for August candidates)

Location: University of Toronto
Time: 9:45am – 4:45pm.
Course Fee: C$949 (due after the first free trial class). Note: If you are already enrolled in our online CFA L1 prep, then the fee for the classes is only C$449.
One-Fee-Till PassIf you should have to rewrite the Level 1 CFA exam for any reason, your re-enrollment into our subsequent Level 1 CFA prep program will be completely free of charge.

Register here to save your seat for the free class.

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