Feb 2023 CFA® Exam Prep Level 3

The course includes access to our online learning materials as well as the in-person intensive review classes scheduled below. Each class includes 6 hours of lecture time in order to provide maximum coverage of the core concepts in the CFA curriculum. The online part of the course includes a thorough explanation of every LOS that is examinable as well as step-by-step solutions to many of the challenge questions found in the CFA curriculum. The program will be capped off with a live simulated CBT Exam in order to condition candidates for the exam day experience. 

Location: University of Toronto (Downtown campus)
Time: 9:30am-4:30pm, with 1-hour lunch break.

Live Class Schedule:
1. Sunday October 23, 2022: Derivatives & Currency Management (Free Trial)**
2. Sunday October 30, 2022: Fixed Income
3. Sunday November 13, 2022: Equity & Alternatives
4. Sunday November 20, 2022: CME & Asset Allocation
5. Sunday November 27, 2022: PWM & Institutional
6. Sunday December 4, 2022: Behavioral, Case Studies, & Ethics.
7. Sunday February 5, 2023: CBT Mock Exam

**Register here and save your seat for the free class on October 23, 2022

Course Offerings

Online Prep

Get immediate access to our online study tools, which includes:
  • A comprehensive explanation for each Learning Outcome Statement (LOS)
  • Step-by-step solutions to many of the challenge questions found in the CFA curriculum
  • Try the free Quant lessons

Live Classes

Add-on (Optional)

Available only to candidates who are already enrolled in our Online Prep. These classes will:
  • Use a ‘ground-up’ approach to simplify the most complex material
  • Discuss techniques on how best to answer CFA Exam questions
  • Provide illustrations to help minimize the amount of formula memorization
  • Attend the Oct 23, 2022 class for free before deciding to enroll

Online Prep + Live Classes

Complete Prep

If you are not already enrolled in our online L3 prep program, then the entire course fee will be CDN$775 (following the free trial on Oct 23, 2022). This fee will cover both the online material as well as the live classes. 

One-Fee-Till-Pass Policy

We view ourselves as an equal partner in your quest to pass the CFA® exam.  Consequently, if you have to rewrite the Level 3 CFA exam at another date, your re-enrollment into our subsequent L3 prep program will be free of cost.

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