June 2020 Level 3 CFA® Exam
Super Review Program

This program will first provide candidates with an 8-day solid review of the core concepts that are included in the Level 3 CFA® curriculum.  Each of these sessions will include 3 hours of lecture time in order to maximize the amount of examinable material that may be covered. The next phase of the preparation program will consist of practice questions, during which we will provide candidates with resources to assist them in attempting questions from the CFA curriculum and several mock exams. One of these mocks will be administered using a simulated condition that’s similar to the CFA Exam. To cap off our services, we will be on site on Exam Day to provide support and to address any last minute inquiries that candidates may have. 


  • Core Concepts Review: Mar30; Apr3; Apr6; Apr10; Apr13; Apr17; Apr20; Apr24

  • Practice Questions: March 31 – June 5, 2020

  • Mock exam: Saturday May 30, 2020                       

  • CFA® Exam Day Support: Saturday June 6, 2020    

A complete schedule (with specific dates and hours) will be provided upon registration.


University of Toronto (Downtown campus)

Program Fee: $599

This fee covers 24 hours of lecture time, practice question support, 6-hour mock exam simulation, and Exam Day support.   


While advanced registration is required in order to attend our sessions, enrollment fees are not due until the beginning of the 2nd day of the Core Concepts Review session.  This gives you the opportunity to attend the first session for free before deciding if PASSMAX is right for you.  Furthermore, we view ourselves as an equal partner in your quest to pass the CFA® exam.  Consequently, if you are unsuccessful at passing the Level 3 CFA exam, then the fee paid would serve as a credit towards your re-enrollment into our “Complete Preparation Program” scheduled for the next Level 3 CFA® exam.