Nov 2022 CFA® Exam Prep Level 2

This prep program is one of the most effective in the industry. This course includes:
  • A comprehensive explanation for each Learning Outcome Statement (LOS).
  • Use of a ‘ground-up’ approach to simplify even the most complex material.
  • Techniques on how best to answer CFA Exam questions.
  • Illustrations to help minimize the amount of formula memorization.
  • Step-by-step solutions provided to the most complex questions.
  • CBT based Mock Exams.

Candidates will also receive unlimited support from our CFA Exam Coach (who has many years of experience helping candidates pass the CFA Exam). Through regular briefings, candidates will be reminded of what the priorities should be and at what stage of the preparation they should be.


We believe that candidates should be given the opportunity to sample a prep program before committing to it. Consequently, when you register below, you will initially be given free access to all our lecture videos and study guides for the following topic areas:   
  • Study Session 1 - Quantitative Methods: Chapters 1, 2, 3 
  • Study Session 2 - Quantitative Methods: Chapters 4, 5

Afterwards, should you decide to continue, the all-inclusive course fee will be US$299**.
**ONE-FEE-TILL-PASS: If you have to re-write the CFA Level 2 Exam (for any reason), there will be no additional course fees, provided that we are given proof of registration with the CFA Institute for a subsequent exam date.

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Nov 2022 CFA® Exam Prep Level 2

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