Terms and Conditions

CFA® Exam Online Prep Course  

1. The candidate has the right to try out our complementary sessions free of charge, with no obligation to continue with the remainder of the course.

2. Should the candidate decide to continue with the reminder of the course, they will be entitled to: 

        i) Access to all our lectures and study guides (covering every LOS found in the CFA curriculum).

        ii) Access to our CBT based mock exams.

        iii) Access to our ‘ground-up’ solutions for many of the challenge questions found within the CFA curriculum.

        iv) Receive regular briefings providing vital guidance throughout their preparation.  

        v) Send us any questions they may have regarding the curriculum and/or preparation strategies.

3. We recommend that candidates commit to investing a minimum of 350 hours in preparation for the exam. Only the most dedicated of candidates will pass the CFA Exam.

4. One-Fee-Till-Pass: Should the candidate have to re-write the CFA Exam (for any reason), there will be no additional prep course fees, provided that the candidate sends us proof of registration with the CFA Institute for a subsequent exam date.

5. The fee for the CFA Online Prep course is US$399 (plus applicable taxes), due only if the candidate decides to continue following the free trial online sessions. However, the CSC® Course is free access.

Note: The CSC® Course is free access.

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