PASSMAX is unlike any of the mainstream CFA® Prep providers that are out there.  

Industry Leader in helping cfa candidates succeed
I strongly recommend the Passmax CFA exam prep course. It is a well-designed program with an excellent instructor who goes above and beyond for his students. Not only does the program build a solid understanding of the curriculum through a ground-up approach, but Coach (the instructor) also provides helpful exam writing tips, strategy, and check-ins to prepare for a successful exam day. I used Passmax for L2 and L3. 

I used Passmax for Level III and successfully passed on my first attempt. The reason I decided to supplement my existing course with Passmax is because of the more complex calculations and the ground up approach in the video tutorials really helped me to solidify my understanding. Krikor, aka “Coach”, has a way of explaining very complex topics in a simple way, so you understand versus just memorize. The modules are easy to follow and you can track your progress along the way. I would highly recommend!

Kimberly Wood
Coach is by far THE best instructor that I had through my journey studying for the CFA exams and I wish I knew earlier. I had tried about 3 other reputable course providers, and in my opinion, PASSMAX stands above all in terms of notes, practice, videos, bottom-up approach, CLARITY, and bonus are the frequent mindset motivation check-ins leading into the exam. I actually had fun and more appreciation for the material with his bottom-up approach and he keeps it simple. Highly recommend!

Rajeena Rajan
Passmax helped me complete all three CFA Examinations. They identify the most examinable content and create a layered approach to learning that helps you to understand the material on a foundational level. I would strongly recommend this course provider to anyone considering starting down this journey!

Kyle Harris
I honestly wouldn’t have been able to complete 3 levels successfully without Passmax. Coach knows how to simplify the most difficult material and used a ground up approach, which helped me to remember and retain knowledge much more easily.

Chi D
Pleased to say that I am now a CFA Charterholder and that Passmax contributed to my success! I didn't find out about Passmax until a few months prior to writing L3, but wish I did earlier... He has a unique ability to simplify concepts using easy to remember examples ("ground up" teaching method). This is critical given the scope of the curriculum, you have to learn, not memorize. On top of his teaching ability Krikor responds directly to emails, even in crunch time when all levels are preparing to write - not sure how he has the time! Thanks for quality prep and guidance.

Jordan F
The PASSMAX program was instrumental in helping me pass Level III in May 2022. I would highly recommend PASSMAX to anyone who is preparing for any level of the CFA Exam
Chris Kerr
I highly recommend Passmax CFA exam preparation course as it is reasonably priced & very well structured. The course content, notes, reviews classes, mock exams are top- notch.The coach is one of the best instructors out there. He goes above & beyond in setting you up for success & keep you focused & motivated during the entire course.
Best prep provider for the CFA hands down. Having tried multiple providers can't recommend Passmax enough.
Jake Berec
I highly recommend the PASSMAX CFA prep for all levels of the CFA program. What differentiates the PASSMAX program is the ground up approach which ensures a solid understanding of the curriculum and limits the need to memorize formulas. Coach continually goes above and beyond to ensure his candidates have the tools necessary to succeed. Thanks Coach!

Scott Borthwick
Excellent value for money, Krikor will keep it simple and best prepare you for the exam.
I was even surprised when he replied to a couple of questions I had!
*Edit* I passed following his advice
Highly recommended

Manjit Malhi

Passmax is probably one of the best CFA prep providers that I know of, especially in Toronto. I have been with the program from level 1-3 and have gained a lot from the journey with Passmax. I enjoy Coach’s method of teaching as solid foundation is the only way to build up your knowledge. Passmax also hosts networking events with alumni and you can just tell that Coach truly cares about his students’ career development. I definitely recommend the program to anyone who is currently looking for a CFA preparation program. Good luck!


The PASSMAX approach is one of the most efficient and effective ways to clear these exams.
Vishal Tummala
Imagine studying + working full time + also having a newborn child a few month before the CFA exam! With Coach's (Krikor) detailed methodology and clear framework I managed to pass the L3 exam. It really goes to show that if you are committed to his strategy and you put the effort in, anything is possible no matter what your situation is. Therefore I would highly recommend Passmax to anyone writing the CFA exams.
Mitesh Mistry
Passmax is simply one of the best CFA Prep providers out there. There are others who are good, but what distinguishes Passmax from other providers is the approach Coach takes. His notes are second to none. Without getting into the weeds of the material, I personally found that certain topics, that hold weight, were better explained by Coach than others.
Passmax also has a list of Priority 1 and 2 questions that have huh probability of showing up on the exam. In addition, Coach is much more responsive than other third party providers that I’ve experienced.
To conclude, Passmax is bang for the buck!

Akhil Sabharwal
I highly recommend taking the Passmax program. Not only will you learn the strategies on how to pass the exams, if you put in the hard work, you will also deepen your understanding of the learning outcome statement concepts that you need to know as an investment professional. This program is very practical to guide you to study smart so you don't burn out, so stick to his tried and tested game plan that works for many candidates.

Howard Ng
Best CFA exam prep materials ever!!!!!!! Krikor Ghanaghounian (the instructor) is the best and the most professional person to give you a comprehensive explanation for Finance, Accounting, Economics...... and finally helps you improve in all levels and the most important thing PASS the exam in your first attempt. Also Krikor is the kindest and the most generous person who offered so much help during the pandemic. Very responsive via email, sound and clear explanation, the only instructor I trust! Highly recommended!!!

I used Coach and his Passmax program for the L2 and L3 exams. I cannot recommend this program enough. Coach uses a bottom-up approach and teaches straight from the CFA curriculum - where you will be tested. Even for the most complex material, such as derivatives and fixed income, the simplicity of conciseness of Coach's notes and lecture videos make everything look easy relative to the CFA Textbook explanations. With this program, I only had to memorize a handful of formulas. Everything else is taught from the bottom-up, and it sticks.
Coach provides you with more than just a curriculum. He goes through every CFAI textbook question/example and only assigns those with the highest likelihood of being tested. He also provides his own bottom-up solutions for the more challenging questions. Importantly, he provides his candidates with a full game plan - a strategy to maximize your preparation efficiency and success on exam day.

James Burnet
Excellent explanation of all the concepts, helped me immensely in my Level II preparations

Sampath Vibeesh
I used PASSMAX for the 2021 August CFA Level I exam, and I passed. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone considering using a prep provider. KG has an incredible ability to explain things and make them stick using real life analogies and examples. Thank you again coach for your support along this journey, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I simply can't say enough good things about you, and your prep program!

Conner Dobrota
I'm greatly enjoying Passmax's prep materials. The lessons are presented in a style that brings the concepts to life for me and I feel like I'm going to be well prepared for my CFA level 2 exam in November. The explanations are relatable, thorough and have a tangible connection to real world situations. Thank you for offering this program, I'm working hard to be ready for exam time and am grateful to have Passmax along as a partner.

Christopher Pearce
I received my charter a few days back, and it would not have been possible without Coach's (Krikor) efforts. His hard work and dedication become visible early on. It was even more commendable to see him working behind the scenes until the last few hours of the exam.

His teaching style and resources are game-changer. Having seen multiple prep providers, I can attest that there is nothing that comes close to PASSMAX. I cleared L2 and L3 in the first attempt after joining the program.

Last but certainly not least, Coach's humility and constant motivational emails give a whole new dimension to the prep. I highly recommend PASSMAX.

Krikor (coach) is an excellent exam coach, I enrolled in the PASSMAX course for the level 3 CFA exam and was able to pass coach's guidance. The course helps to build a level of discipline which is required to prepare for the exam as the abundance of content being tested cannot be memorized by simply reading the material once. Coach believes in retention through a multi-faceted learning process that involves taking notes in class, summarizing his summary notes, and practicing the end of chapter questions provided by the CFA curriculum. Coach also helps you learn the quantitative components without ever memorizing a formula, great for those visual learners out there. Thank you coach for your guidance and dedication though the difficulty of the covid situation. Although I didn't use coach for Levels 1 & 2, I wish I found out about him earlier. He is one of the best in the business.

Gowtham J
I think this may be my first ever review on Google, but I think it's very warranted. Coach, if/when you see this, you are by far the best teacher I've have ever had. Thank you for a) breaking down difficult concepts into digestible material but also, and more importantly b) thank you for going out of your way to create online material amidst the pandemic. Not only did you adapt to the situation and help your current students, you also made the material free for newcomers. I honestly (even in university) have never had a teacher go so out of their way for the benefit of their student. Thank you.

People - if you actually want to learn the material fundamentally, take this course. Coach is the best at connecting all the concepts into a comprehensive picture. And at the end of the day, the process breeds discipline and hard work.

Thanks once again,

I cannot recommend this course enough. Having just successfully completed level III, I can speak to just how helpful Coach’s lesson plans and strategy are to staying on track. I did level I by myself, and immediately noticed the difference when I joined Passmax for level II. You learn what’s important, and you learn helpful tricks to really understand, not just memorize, the information. With how much they like to throw at you this really is a key to success.

Nicholas Parks
For anyone writing L1, L2, or L3, Passmax is the way to go. I enrolled in the program for L1 and immediately saw the value Coach brings in not only getting you prepared with the material, but most importantly, in the right mental state so that come exam day, you are nothing short of excellence. His ground-up approach and focus on building a strong foundation leave no doubt in my mind as to how I was able to successfully complete all three exams on my first attempt. I am glad I enrolled in the program and would recommend Coach's Passmax to anyone in my network looking to successfully complete the grueling CFA exams.

Adam Corbett
I'm happy to say I passed L3 exam! Thanks for all the help couldnt have done it without the prep. Would def recommend passmax to any candidates!

Nelson Wong
I highly recommend Passmax to anyone going through the CFA Program. Coach (Krikor) rigorously goes through the curriculum and puts together a course that simplifies the concepts and focuses on the most relevant material. His program ensures that candidates get the most out of the time they spend studying. Coach also puts together a thoughtful game plan for each of his students that guides them through the curriculum efficiently and on a schedule, which ensures that they are peaking on test day. Most recently, I was able to stay on track throughout COVID-19 and the exam postponements that accompanied it due to the guidance and support provided by Coach, which was instrumental in my success on exam day.

John Girman
Krikor (coach) is an excellent exam coach. I enrolled in the PASSMAX course for the level 2 and level 3 CFA exams and was able to pass with Krikor’s guidance throughout the whole process. The course helps to build a level of discipline which is required to prepare for the exam as the abundance of content being tested cannot be memorized by simply reading the material once. Krikor believes in retention through a layering process which entails taking notes in class, summarizing his condensed summary notes, as well as practicing the end of chapter questions provided by the CFA curriculum. I found this process to be very helpful as it helped me develop a level of discipline for the exam and his schedule has also helped me stay on track. Coach does a very great job at explaining the quantitative components and putting the concepts in laymen terms. The qualitative components on the exam will still require the candidate to put in their own efforts to learn the material which has a larger weight on the level 3 exam. Thank you coach for your guidance and dedication though the difficulty of the covid situation. I would recommend this prep course for those aiming to tackle all 3 levels on their first attempt.

Brian Mok
I just passed CFA Level 3 2021. I passed all the levels in the first attempt, and ironically, level 1 exam was toughest process for me because I studied on my own. I started taking PASSMAX course from level 2 (and 3 as well), and it made a huge difference in preparation process.

The coach guided through what we should focus on and explained the concept from foundation to the problems. The best thing about PASSMAX is that I did not have to memorize hundred of formula - just understand the basic concept, and memorize minimal formula, then the coach builds up on the basic concept.

I don't think I would've survived the CFA (especially during this pandemic time) without PASSMAX, and want to recommend this course to everyone I know.

SunMin Groot
I followed Coach’s strategy and passed level 2&3 at first try. His instruction is very clear and effective, it’s impossible to fail if you commit enough time. I would recommend without reservation!

Chao Shi
Today I finally received the good news, that I passed L3, after being postponed on many times, and finally received the charter! I started my PASSMAX journey for L2 in 2019 and by attending Coach's lectures and following his game plan I was able to pass L2 in June of 2019. I then signed up for L3 originally schd for June 2020 but due to COVID it was delayed. Coach boils down concepts to a ground up framework which ensures you understand everything very strongly - Heck I still remember the formulas/concepts from L2 - 2 years later. Coach removes the mental overhead required to pass these exams, you just have to show up everyday and execute on his very effective game plan. All in all 10/10, this is a very bittersweet moment for me seeing as my Passmax days are now over... Highly Recommend.

Martin K
Had taken CFA Level II and Level III courses with Coach and passed. He lays out what has to be accomplished and within what timeframe. My advice is to never procrastinate. Really enjoyed his in person classes but passed CFA Level III during covid and found the online platform Passmax provides very useful.

Misha Lukashov
After two failed attempts of L2, I took the PassMax course and successfully passed L2 and then L3. It is a terrific course that breaks down tough concepts into easy to understand ones. Thank you Coach!! I would recommend this course to anyone writing any level of CFA.

Colleen Redmond
Very helpful and patient coach. Even during the pandemic the coach has been very supportive by giving out online study platform. The platform he built was very easy to use. If you follow it and commit the hours you will for sure pass ! Good luck

Miles Xu
I would highly recommend all CFA candidates take this course. Coach’s excellent notes and study guidance helped me pass both Level II and Level III on first attempt, even through the pandemic!

Passed my L3 exam with coach. Cleared all 3 levels on the first try. It wouldn't have been possible without coach. His method is superior. Stay with him, and you'll get your designation in no time.

Original post:
It all comes down to consistency and discipline. Coach not only delivers, but he goes above and beyond every class.
Passed L1 in Dec and L2 in June (first try for both) and will certainly go back to Passmax for L3.

Minoo Naderi
Krikor (coach) is an excellent tutor. His ground up approach and ability to simplify complex topics is incredible. His lectures build a solid background and clear understanding of the material. The importance of following a strategic game plan helps maintain focus throughout. Thank you Coach for everything you do.

Karan Malhotra
Very good overview of the chapters and the content. Video lessons were especially helpful in helping understand the concepts.

Ryan K
Wish there was an option for providing more than 5 stars. CFA May 2021 Level 1 results for were released yesterday and they say that it's been a record low of only 25% candidates passing the exam. So glad that I am one of the those 25% candidates. This was definitely not an easy one but the only reason I could get through this is none other than the respected Coach. Krikor is an excellent coach and I can't thank him enough. He explains all concepts in such an easy way that you would never have to memorize/cram or forget anything. His ground up approach, various analogies for every single topic lets you understand the matter thoroughly. PASSMAX is the best CFA prep course out there hands down! I can go on and on but really should stop here so my review is not ignored by others but I do recommend PASSMAX to anyone looking to prep for CFA exams.

Deepak Chopra
I cant recommend Passmax (Krikor) enough! I've used other providers in my prep for L2 but Passmax is a major breakthrough for me. The way that Krikor explains using a bottom up approach is a game changer. I'm a lot less stressed about remembering formulae as the way he explains concepts you understand the deep meaning and instinctively know which number belongs where. He brings concepts to reality which makes understanding far more intuitive. I'm so fortunate to be using Passmax now, give it a go its free of charge at the moment!

Krikor is an excellent professor and exam coach. I used PASSMAX’s services in 2014 to pass my level one exam. Unfortunately I could not complete my charter due to some health issues but I still remember going to his Saturday and Sunday lectures fondly. The PASSMAX website is circa 2000s and at first glance it isn’t very flashy. But the instructor behind the course is incredibly knowledgeable and explaining hard concepts into plain language that you’ll understand. I found his website on Google and really lucked out! It really is worth your money. One thing I would have suggested is stress the importance of redoing the past exams. But other than that, I am very happy to have attended his classes to pass level one CFA.

Fiona Huang
When passmax offered their study sessions for free I was quite skeptical about the quality of the content, however Krikor is one of the finest teachers out there, explains the concepts wonderfully.

Abhishek Pushkar
You cannot find anything better than this anywhere else. I am currently coursing through L01. I have a learning disability. Having videos along with the readings has greatly helped me out. His content is very well articulated and efficient to go through. Not only that, he also crafted a recommended pathway to tackle down the CFA content. I am feeling confident on the knowledge i have gained. A lot of it i have applied at my work. Not to mention that he also addressed every question I had about the course in a timely and simple manner. Krikor has gone above and beyond. His wealth of knowledge is rich, and his program is just an extension of it. I had signed up for Kaplan initially but Mr Ghanaghounian did it better. Thank you so much.

jose portillo
I wanted to wait until I received my Level 1 result to post this review.
Passmax is a tremendously rigorous and intensive program. It will keep you on track, and push you to new limits. Coach is always there to guide you, and it provided such peace of mind having him there while preparing for Level 1. Thank you so much Coach! See you for Level 2!

Jay Senathi
Cannot recommend this program highly enough for all candidates who are serious about passing the CFA exams. Coach's style of teaching commands your attention and dedication, and his approach to mastering the content with a focus on fundamentals and ground-up learning is extremely valuable. The value for your money is absolutely phenomenal.

Evan Stitt
The Passmax framework helped me to actually understand concepts which was so key, there is too much material for rote memorization to be effective! Great value and highly recommend to anyone thinking of tackling the exams, particularly L2 and L3.

Olivia Whitford
Excellent CFA prep course - used for Level ll and lll.

I would strongly recommend to anybody sitting for the CFA exams to take this prep course.

Vladimir Nedic
I've tried em' all and can honestly say that PASSMAX is the best CFA prep course out there hands down! What Coach teaches you is a true ground up approach and one that arms you with a strong understanding of the fundamentals. I had used PASSMAX for all three levels and for me, it was the art of writing your own lecture notes that was so powerful and what had allowed me to commit all the core concepts to memory, where it was almost automatic come exam day. Coach will help you understand tough concepts by giving you a ground up visual, formulaic, and qualitative understanding, so that you're fully prepared. A 5-star program! Just sign up and do the work. Thanks again, Coach for all your support - your ground up, hardwork, and no shortcut approach just works!!

Ahmed Ismail
PASSMAX is a far superior program to other CFA prep offerings. The intuitive frameworks and cohesive story connecting the LOSs were crucial in my success in passing Level II. As a second-attempter, the PASSMAX focus on deep understanding (vs. the memorization my previous materials leaned on) provided the edge I needed to pass. With such a breadth of topics to cover, it is easy to get overwhelmed but Coach's confidence in the material is infectious and had me feeling well-prepared going into the exam.

Matthew Schmidt
Hands down the only way I’d recommend to prepare for the exam. Coach’s structure in this program I’d say is one of the main reasons I passed L1 and L2. (And confident it will be for L3 too). He focuses on the main testable LOS’s and explains everything from the ground up. Instead of memorizing all the formulas from the text book, you’ll be able to start with a simple formula and build from there. I’ve seen other prep courses my friends/colleagues use (most of which are way more expensive), and they don’t compare this program. Thanks coach!

Chad Wood
I passed L3!!!! It's over, what a journey. You were tremendous Coach, absolutely fantastic!

Thank you so much for everything!

Roy Jarmak
Great coaching- both in terms of CFA content and building a strong mindset for the exam. Highly recommend.

Best way to prepare for CFA, Great Professor.

Abhi Shergill
Without a doubt, PASSMAX is the best Prep to get you across the CFA finish line. I've recommended this programme to dozens of colleagues and associates. Worth moving to Toronto just to attend the live lectures!

Anatoly Likhatchev
Great learning experience with a very experienced, and knowledgeable coach.

Follow his advice and you will do great!

siddharth santdasani
Thanks to PASSMAX I cleared my level 3.Just trust the the coach and follow his study program. You can make it.

Deepa Antony
With the help of Passmax, I was able to pass both L2 and L3 on the first attempt. The course is a commitment, and the Coach is dedicated from start to finish and always available to assist on the side. The 'ground up' methods taught through the course really do work. You focus on what matters, and it keeps you on track with enough time to practice questions before the exam. I was referred through colleagues and would highly recommend Passmax as an efficient way to successfully complete the CFA program.

Amy Dyck
Passmax CFA prep class was recommended to me by my nephew. This is the best CFA prep class you can find in Toronto. Coach is highly organized, detailed with the concepts, very thorough and use a ground up approach. Coach provides best in class coaching, guidance and never ending support. He is there with his students until the end (I remember when Coach was there with his students the whole day at the exam center, inspiring everyone). I have never seen any other coach going way above and beyond for their students. But Coach Krikor does it and he is the best. I would say in order to be successful, just follow Coach's preparation strategy and suggested timelines, you will have great results. I passed CFA Level 1 in first attempt and I am already registered for Level 2 class in January 2020. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Prep course in Toronto.

Ashim Khanna
On my third attempt at writing level 3, I am incredibly pleased to announce that I passed this time around. In reviewing the exam result details, my test score was in the 90th percentile overall and I contribute that all towards the rigorous program! I would highly recommend this course to anyone writing level 3!

Thanks Coach!

Adam Engel

Passmax's game plan is great and it works. Everything is organized, planned and well-thought out. All you have to do is show up and execute and Coach will help you through the entire process. Coach really cares and will try his best for every single one of his students to pass. He will keep you on your toes and answer any questions you might have. If you put in the time, effort and follow Coach's instructions, you will pass the CFA. I highly recommend this course as it provides the best value for you buck compared to any other CFA prep material out there.

One of the best prep providers out there. I was doing the prep remotely and must say, it proved to be smooth sailing. Especially the practice questions that the coach assigns, makes tackling the exam whole lot easier.

Farheen Tania
3 years ago
I took the passmax prep course for levels II and III and successfully completed the exams. The course is well planned and thought out.
Attend the lectures and put in the work, and increase your probability of passing. There’s no substitute for the studying involved, but put your efforts in the right place with the gameplan and guidance which the course provides.

PASSMAX is highly recommended for your CFA prep at any level. I have tried other providers (Fitch, Schweser) and they're not in the same league as PASSMAX.

Coach prepares you mentally and physically for these exams. You will be expected to put in work during the in-class sessions, lots of writing and active listening without class disturbances. No slide decks. The pace during class will prepare you for the pace of the exam.

Coach teaches based on a ground-up approach which helps focus on thorough understanding (how and why) rather than memorization of facts. He has a blueprint to beating the exam, but your time and dedication to sticking to his game plan is required.

I encourage candidates to try the free classes when available.

Devin A.
Thanks to Passmax I passed the Level 3 exam. As I had mentioned before, at one point I was stuck on Level 2. I was getting close (Band 10) but just falling short. Signing up for Passmax changed the game completely. I attended classes, reviewed my notes, and went through the waves. Passmax forced me to be diligent and disciplined. It also changed my perspective of the curriculum itself. Instead of trying to force formulas into the back of my brain, I started to understand why the formulas existed and what they were trying to accomplish. This “bottom up” approach allowed me to be nimble on exam day and not strike out at the curveballs that the exam inevitably throws. After signing up for Passmax I passed Level 2 and 3 in consecutive attempts.

Dave Minich
More than anything, the Passmax Exam Prep keeps you on track and committed to passing the CFA examinations. It is a no-nonsense approach perfect for those dedicated to earning their CFA charter. Coach's preparation played a vital role in me passing all three exams, with his game plan being especially helpful for the Level III exam. Passmax mimics the grind of the CFA exams from start to finish and I would recommend it to anyone willing to invest the time and effort.

Derek Butcher
Hands down one of the best CFA instructors in the country!

Your method of prep is definitely effective, you've helped me in a big way.

Really liked his approach.

No formulas, no cramming, no memorization.

I will strongly recommend Passmax to anyone enrolled in the CFA program.

Raghav Mehta
I participated in PASSMAX L2 and L3 courses. It helped me a lot. I don’t need to read the full books. The coach helped us to get all key points by just going through the notes he prepared, which saved a lot of time for me. And he arranges the study in several waves. Most of the classmates pass the exam with the help of the coach. Highly recommend this course to whoever wants to pass the exam and who are busy working. It is really a highly spoken of program.

Grace C.
I am confident that Coach's unique class style was a big reason why I was able to answer every question on the Level III essay portion and ultimately pass the exam on the first try. I also believe my understanding of topics from L3 and ability to explain/ use within the work environment are higher compared with the first 2 levels. I only wish I found out about Passmax for level I and II.

Blake Hayley
I would highly recommend Passmax! He shows incredible frameworks in class, provides great endurance training, offers strong support and guidance. I am very grateful to Passmax for guiding me through the challenging journey of passing the CFA exams.

Mariya Stasyuk
Be prepared to go to war during this process. And who better to have in your corner than the finest veteran general?

More than the knowledge, Coach's old school and disciplined approach hammered away at the mental warfare component that is absolutely necessary to pass each of the 3 levels. Soak up everything you can from this experience and rest assured that the program is specifically designed to get you a passing grade and ultimately, the CFA charter.

Its was a bittersweet moment when I received a passing grade for L3. I was happy and relieved to have passed. On the other hand though, it marked the end for my time with PASSMAX.

PASSMAX's approach to the curriculum has equipped me with some potent framework that I use in the everyday world. Moreover, the attitude of breaking down the problem down to its basic fundamentals has allowed me to approach any complex financial problems/scenarios confidently.

Dennis Ly
Been with Coach all the way from L1-3, cleared all three first attempt.

Wouldn’t have been possible without his help. Sets up the foundation perfectly along with the roadmap.

All you got to do is trust, follow and focus on what’s stated! Great guy+help!

Thank you for all the psychological help in the way too!

Muhammad Mumtaz
Highly recommend if you think you will or have been struggling with the written part of the CFA LVL 3. No text book reading required. But prepare to make a lot of notes class, which really helps.

Roy Sun Luze
Amazing professor. Be prepared to put in your effort but, if you follow the program closely, it is the best channel you have to a pass.

Abhi Krish
I took this course based on a referral from a friend and I'm glad that I did. It was by far the best way to have learned the material. Krikor's ground-up approach to learning, I wish, was something more widely taught in my university days by my professors. It definitely made the Level 3 material easier to understand and apply during the exam. Would highly recommend Passmax for anyone interested in a CFA prep course.

Mansoor Elahi
I highly recommend this program if you are seriously pursuing the CFA program. His style of teaching is well planned and designed for you to ace these exams. His discipline in class will help you develop skills that are crucial on exam day. It is a winning formula that worked out for me for all 3 levels. You can easily manage the course workload if you are working full time as they condense the matieral to a level that is manageable. Their first 2 classes are usually free so you can test it out and see if it is a great fit for you.

Muhammad Raza
This is the greatest CFA prep program out there. I used them for all 3 levels and would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting the CFA charter and understanding the material.
This program utilizes a ground up approach. The instructor focuses on core concepts and explains them thoroughly with examples so even someone without a business background (like me) can understand the material (not to just forget it once the exam is done).
He also pushes you to make sure you pass. There are 6 hour classes on the weekend, which train your brain and body to be able to focus for that amount of time (similar to the actual CFA exams).
The classes will equip you with all the material you need to pass. But you have to put in the time too. The instructor creates an environment of team work (I.e. the candidates are all one team instead of competing with each other) and organizes study sessions for every one, which is so great.
Would highly recommend!

Misbah Lalani
Excellent prep program. The frameworks and instruction at PASSMAX are top tier and will serve candidates not only for the CFA exams but also heir broader careers in finance. Highly recommend.

Lewis Quinn
I couldn’t have done it without Coach's guidance, care and expertise. This prep course, not only teaches you the CFA curriculum, it helps you to adopt a mental toughness and stamina you would need to go through the process.

I did trust the process and his coaching style and achieved the desired outcome. Highly recommended!

Milad Marvasti
the only CFA coaching that matters

Nikhil Chaudhary
I can't recommend Coach enough with his program. His 'ground up' approach to teaching the CFA curriculum helps break down complex concepts such that no memorizing is ever needed.

There is no tougher CFA program than this and be prepared to work hard (and buy alot of your favourite pens!). I'm very pleased to have been able to pass all 3 levels with Passmax! Thank you Coach!

Perry Ho
If google allowed me to provide a 6-star review I would because Passmax/Coach totally deserves it.

I have never had another learning experience where the content has been so well structured, focused and efficient. If you are someone with a busy workload but want to earn the CFA designation then this is the course for you. There is absolutely no wasted time with this course IF you invest your time properly and follow the Passmax game plan.

With respect to Coach, he is extremely knowledgeable about literally every aspect of the CFA curriculum. He breaks everything down and builds it from the ground up to ensure you truly understand the concepts and are not just memorizing formulas. The focus and time he puts into his students in and out of lectures I feel is unmatched - especially at the price.

The Passmax course was definitely one of my best investments and if you are serious about getting your CFA this course will be one of your best investments also.

Liam Dougherty
Since I started with PASSMAX, I have had absolutely no regrets! I was able to pass the CFA L1 and L2 exams with this prep course. Without a doubt, I will be preparing for the CFA L3 exam with PASSMAX. Coach has a sound plan and if you stay on track with his plan, it can definitely help you in passing each exam. So, if you are committed to earn your CFA Charter, I highly recommend PASSMAX!

Damien Zappulla
Cannot thank Coach enough for his guidance and the time he spent to prepare everyone. His teaching methods and attention to detail are absolutely amazing. Would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to write the exam.

Jahangir Ahmad
Excellent prep course. Highly recommend.

Zacharia Laleg
I am not a big fan of memorizing so many formula and mechanically solving problems. The coach always uses ground-up approach and explains basics then build up to complex concepts. Just follow his instruction, stick to his plan, and study as he guides you through, then you will have no problem passing the exam.

This is hands down the best course I've ever taken and I cannot stress its effectiveness enough.

The CFA exam is notorious for its difficulty and a grueling preparation required to pass. PASSMAX provided me with a game plan and a strict schedule to follow that includes: weekly 8-hour sessions (just like exam day), condensed reading material, practice plan, and unwavering support from the instructor (a.k.a. Coach). But I believe the biggest value added of this course, is presentation of material. For all important concepts, irrespective of complexity, Coach transforms the algebra into a narrative and a visual. This really helped me cement my understanding of the more complex concepts covered in the CFA program.

From the very first class all the way through exam day and beyond, PASSMAX displays real passion in seeing members succeed. I was really impressed to see Coach at test centre on exam day offering moral support during break sessions.

All in all, I highly recommend this course. Try it and see if it works for you, free trial is included, need I say more?

Yera St (YeraST)
The best prep course for CFA level 2. I would recommend it to anybody who is in doubt as to where to take help from.
And once you start the classes, you have to trust Coach and stay focused and on track as per his plan.
It is hard to believe in the start but just stick to it and you shall pass with an appreciable band.

snehal bhargava
PASSMAX was referred to me by my coworkers who have used this prep course and now have their CFA charters and I am so thankful because I honestly do not think I could have passed without it. Coach really instills discipline with the 6 hour class every week. I found his ground up approach very helpful for me in understanding the concepts better. This is by no means the easy way out, you still need to put in the hours and the work but Coach creates a schedule that helps us not lose track or fall behind. I passed Level 1 and I will be taking this course for the next levels and I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Amanda Truong
I would highly recommend this prep program to anyone pursuing the CFA charter. Coach’s game plan is very well structured, and his ground up approach truly deepens your understanding of key concepts.

Viththiya Thayaparan
I was referred to PASSMAX by a colleague after registering for CFA L1 (June/19) and taking the exam prep played a huge role in me passing. The classes both teach the material in a clear and thorough way and provide a solid foundation to build on. The structure/format also helps prepare candidates for exam day. I'll definitely be continuing with the classes for L2.

Ally Pyle
Passmax was one of the greatest learning experience I've ever been through. Would recommend to anyone studying for the CFA exams. Coach is a great teacher and motivator, messages in the early morning briefings really helped me power through and not give up.

MSHC14 Cheung
I was a bit skeptic at first, but Krikor just nails it. I recommend it to any CFA candidate

Roy Makrish
I wrote the CFA Level 1 exam this past June and successfully passed the exam. I wouldn't have passed this exam without Coach's help and i can honestly say that I have never had a better teacher/professor than Coach.

If you are serious about this industry and serious about passing the CFA course, don't waste your time on reading reviews of other CFA instructors or thinking about taking other prep courses. Instead sign up for the Passmax course, dedicate your time to studying and stick to Coach's game plan.

See you in January for level 2 prep Coach.

Henry Chau
I have passed the CFA Level II exam on my second attempt. I never thought this day would come but here we are. This is the best feeling, so much preparation and sacrifice went into it. I missed most of the Raptors playoffs run for this!! Thank you for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you.

Senth Sellathurai
I don’t think I would have been able to pass the CFA level 2 exam without taking this course. It helps you study in a disciplined manner. Thanks coach!!!

Soheil A.
Without a background in commerce, CFA exam prep classes grounded me, and built me a good foundation in a very short time. I just knew that it will be a good journey when the instructor called me out as I was on my phone.

Shirley Wu
Coach has been really helpful. His approach requires dedication & hard work but results are guaranteed. While undergoing the course I felt I really learned a lot which eventually helped me pass the exam. Thank you coach for your guidance and support.

karan punj
A fantastic program with very strategic game plan that guides you all the way through to exam day. This program was integral to my success in the L2 exam. I highly recommend.

Emma Brennan
It's not a magic shortcut. It was hard - but efficient and effective. Coming from a non-finance background, there was more for me to learn, but this course really delivered.

S Lam
PASSMAX has developed a comprehensive curriculum that has been optimized to help you pass your CFA exam. Coach offers unparalleled instruction, support, and passion for student success. I would recommend PASSMAX to anyone who is serious about attaining the CFA designation.

Josh Graham
Hands down the best prep course one can find for passing the CFA. Coach is an excellent educator paired with a high stamina, making what can be quite complex concepts very simple, clear and concise. The amount of formulas that require to be memorised are at an absolute minimum, simply because coach will go through a 3 step process to drill down any concept behind what how constructs a formula - enhancing your level of understanding throughout the CFA program.

Highly recommend this prep program for anyone who is serious about putting in the hours and gaining their charter.

Hayat Hobbi
Received the results for Level 1 and it’s a Pass. It means a lot personally especially since I’m just starting out in finance. 6 months ago I had no idea about what bonds were or the meaning of alpha, beta, CAPM, Kurtosis,Mac D etc.

Coach helped us set realistic goals and broke the CFA exam journey into small achievable weekly goals. My result is a mere by-product of the processes set by him. It wouldn’t have been possible without following Coach's concepts of discipline, layering, persistence and ground-up approach.

Thank you, Coach😊

Prithpal Singh
Passmax builds a foundation to key concepts needed to pass the CFA , rather than using pre-written slides or notes with un-important material. Passmax provides every resource needed to pass and then some. This course along with putting in the hours will give you the best chance to pass the CFA at any level. I recommend Passmax to everyone.

Jeff Coons
Best CFA prep course in Toronto!!

Highly recommended if you're pursuing CFA

ahmed el malt
The best prep course I’ve ever taken.

Thomas Toll
I highly recommend this prep program to anyone pursuing the CFA charter. Coach does an excellent job of simplifying complex concepts. Stick to his game plan, put in the hours and you'll pass the exams.

Hamed A
For an exam of the CFA's magnitude, its quite difficult to efficiently breakdown the material and remain structured for the months of studying. Not only does Coach teach the material from the ground up, he takes the burden of organizing relevant exam material and provides a well thought out timeline so you can focus solely on learning and retaining information. If you follow all of his instructions and dedicate the necessary hours he says to, you will have a high chance of passing!

Mujtaba Abidi
PASSMAX is hands down the best prep course in Toronto to help complete all three levels of the CFA exams. They have a solid program and system to help students retain the materials as long as you are willing to commit the time. I don't know of any other courses out there willing to offering a one-fee-till-pass policy, this says a lot about how they stand behind their course.

irwin fung
Coach is one of the most passionate educators I have seen. His knowledge and commitment to seeing his students excel makes his prep program one of best! He makes simple, clear and visual analogies to breakdown highly complex concepts. I found his visual/graphical/algebraic representations most useful for Fixed Income/Financial Reporting . CFA prep is as much mindset as it is effort and Coach makes sure his students are 100% prepared on both fronts. Personally, I loved his motivational quotes :) Class time may feel a bit long, but it is supplemented by video links which are extremely useful.

100% recommend Passmax!

Pooja Jain
It does not take too long to notice how invested the Coach is in the success of his students - the discipline, dedication and drive make the Passmax prep classes totally worth it.

Ankita Kochar
I highly recommend taking this course! The materials provided and being taught give you good foundation and understanding for your critical thinking. The prof is always there to support and answer questions you have encountered, this support and engagement you won't get if you are doing self-study.

Regina Lee
Just the discipline alone is worth taking these CFA prep classes. I passed all three exams on first attempt thanks to the coach!

Kiril Nikolaev
Very highly recommend this CFA Prep Program, I used this prep for all 3 levels successfully. I could say this is one of the best investments you could make if you value your time.

Matthew Kielek
I highly recommend the Passmax program if you like to maximize your probability to pass the CFA exam. Coach K.'s approach, his dedication and professionalism is absolutely on point and extremely admirable.

Awitina Ashiber
I took the "Super Review" two week crash course. The high level focus of the super review, and the little tips and tricks passmax provided on the more abstract ideas were incredibly useful. Super Review did a great job tying it all together and creating connections across concepts (i.e. connecting the buying and selling of insurance with the three rebalancing strategies). The super review helped to sort out these connections in a way the text books really couldn't. I'll certainly be recommending the course to friends.

Ryan McInerney
Simply put, the coach is amazing. The course is divided into 3 big "layers"- review, retention and mock exams. No laptops are allowed, you take notes the old school way which helps build muscle memory. The course is divided into 2 waves. Wave 1 is rigorous enough that if you put the hours in, success is yours. Coach's ground up approach works.
I was referred to Passmax by my brother and I have since enrolled in Level I (December '17) and Level II (June '18).
Coach has always provided support and is extremely patient explaining concepts in person or via email.
Strongly recommend Passmax - best investment one can make.

Hineet Maini
I took CFA prep courses with coach at Passmax for all 3 levels and I would recommend Passmax to anyone looking to take CFA prep courses. This is the best prep course out there.

Coach is one of the most dedicated professors I have encountered. I can see that he is truly passionate about teaching the course and he cares about his students. He has a clear study plan laid out, and I believe anyone can pass if they follow it.

Coach prepares his own summary notes from the textbooks, and goes through everything you need to know for the exam, so you don’t have to spend extra time reading the textbooks yourself. He explains all the formulas so you can actually understand them rather than just memorizing them. Expect to do a lot of thinking and writing in class. He follows a method of layering the course material so students would have gone through the course material multiple times before going into the actual exam. His classes are meant for serious candidates only so expect to put a lot of effort and dedication into studying for the exams.

Maggie Meng
I can't stress enough the value of the Passmax program, and Coach Krikor's method to teaching the curriculum and preparing you for the CFA exam. Coach really teaches you how to understand the concepts fundamentally, so that you can apply it on exam day to the various forms of questions you may be asked, and be successful. In addition, Coach ensures to incorporate a lot of the intricacies of exam day in his prep program, so that you are prepared come the day of, and are not caught off guard by anything thrown at you. Highly recommend Passmax for CFA exam prep!

Ahmad Musa
Great coach! I couldn’t have done it without his classes - for all levels!!!
He not only teaches, but motivates and offer full support!
I highly recommend his prep course to anyone who is serious about pursuing CFA designation.

Nathalia S
Passmax was the greatest academic course for me, by far. I used Passmax for Level 2 and Level 3, and passed both on the 1st attempt. I have never met an instructor before like Coach K. In fact after overhearing my lecture videos, my wife (who is a Teacher) was also astounded by his clear conviction and passion for the job. Coach also taught me important routines and discipline that I have been able to apply in my career and personal life as well. I'd recommend this course to anyone!

Anthony Fernandopulle
Knowledgeable, committed and focussed is how I'd like to describe the program. In addition, it's cost effective (maximum # of classes per $ invested) and has a 'nose to the ground' approach. I have and will continue to recommend the program to all folks who are serious, driven and disciplined to follow-through.

Dilip Sharma
Passmax helped me with my level II& III preparation. Coach takes a ground up approach explaining some of the most technical concepts. I never thought quants and FRA could be where I score over 70% but coach helped me with that. The wave one and wave two questions with solution sets were also helpful. Additionally, the one full day class structure on the weekends works for my schedule as I find it hard to commit after working a full day. Finally, big thanks to coach for spending the last couple weekends at the library with us.

For anyone serious about passing all 3 CFA exams consecutively, look no further than PASSMAX. This program gives you all the tools to be successful come exam day, focusing on a ground-up, layered approach to understanding the examinable material. Simply put, "Coach" is one of the best in the business. Highly recommended.

Justin Wehniainen
Coach is very clear about his game plan and what is expected of candidates that sign up with his program. He doesn't make passing "easy", but he helps to make it manageable. He provides structure and guidance and uses a "ground up" approach to a lot of the formulas the curriculum covers. At the end of the day, the candidate is still responsible for putting in the work and time to digest and ultimately master the material prior to exam day. His lectures are great but only a starting point. I would definitely recommend the PASSMAX program to those serious about the CFA program but are looking for a steady and reliable partner to support them along the journey.

Alan T
Passmax was first introduced to me by friends who have taken the classes and have all passed their exams on the first try. This is definitely the top program out there for your CFA prep. The program’s method is well structured and easy to follow and really helps to keep you accountable/motivated on your studies but also not feel burnt out. I have taken other CFA preps on the market but it was Passmax that helped me pass the exam (and I performed much better than expected). Coach is very dedicated, supportive and passionate about helping every one of his student pass. Highly recommend!

Yumi Pan
I attended level III courses with Passmax and got over 90th percentile. This is my bigget accomplishment this year. Last year I failed with band 8, and this year I got flying colors! Coach has a disciplined and systematic approach for CFA. He teaches the most underlying principles so I don't need to memorize the formulas. Thus I will never forget the concepts I learned.

I learned CFA, and also a self-disciplined lifestyle to work in the finance industry, which is is the most important thing for me. I can pass, and be more confident about my career. I really have did something I can never imagine before. I feel that this course worths much more than its price and is suitable for those who are very serious about CFA.

Jane Gao
A fantastic preparation program which I will continue to highly recommend for anyone attempting the CFA Exams. PASSMAX distills the core content and guides you to focus on the fundamental underlying concepts. Thank you Coach for getting me through Level II and Level III!

Daniel Smith
The Passmax program is a no nonsense, ground up approach that demands time, effort and sacrifice from its participants. There are no shortcuts. If you are a serious candidate, this is your ONLY option.

Matthew Febbraio
Course provided the direction and just the right level of depth necessary to pass the exam. I benefited more from the Passmax than from any other prep course that I previously attended. The instructor’s superior teaching style, techniques, dedication, guidance and support were instrumental in my passing the Level III exam. I am definitely encouraging others to take this course.

Saad Rehman
I started my prep for the L3 exam very late, in early April. Panicked and almost gave up on the exam and I heard from one of my colleagues about SuperReview package at PASSMAX. Yes, I worked really hard for 3 months, after work and on weekends. I just trusted their prep materials and followed exactly what Coach Krikor instructed me to do. It's not easy and it is really about how committed you are. (and how desperate you are passing the exam... just think about having to do this over again next year... I could not take it) I want to give big Thank You to Coach Kriko and never have been this happy for the longest time, to tell you that I passed the exam. And for others, Pass the exam with PASSMAX!

Jason Lim
Didn't finish reading the curriculum, but coach really helped me build up my knowledge over the 2 weeks of super review. Great program, would definitely recommend.

Lucy Fan
I enrolled in the CFA level 1 exam with a very limited finance background, and definitely would not have passed without PASSMAX!

I highly recommend PASSMAX to anyone who is serious about getting through the CFA exams. The program is incredibly well organized and structured.

Colin Aubrey
I can highly recommend Passmax to anyone who is willing to put in the work to get through the CFA program exams. I enrolled in the Passmax prep program for level II and III, and have passed both. The Passmax prep program helped to keep me on track, and material in the curriculum is broken down to a fundamentals level, which I felt was a huge benefit. Additionally, Coach has a level of dedication to his pupils unlike any other, and you really get the sense that he truly cares to see through it that those in his prep class pass this difficult set of exams. Make no mistake though, you will still need to put in the time and work necessary.

Darrick Chow
I just love Passmax and the Coach. These have been the best courses in my life. I didn't pass L2 of the CFA exam the first time and then took Passmax course and without a doubt helped me pass the second time.

Coach uses a ground up approach where he explains concepts in a logical manner and bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Passmax also uses a strategic and disciplined approach. The course is structured to keep you on track at all times and if you stick to the game plan, you are bound to pass.

Finally Passmax has your best interest in mind every step of the way. The first two classes are free to give you the chance to decide if you want to take the class, and if you don't pass the exam you can re-enroll without having to repay for the course.

Coach is also present at all times and provides you with invaluable support and guidance with the sole aim of seeing you pass.

I would recommend Passmax to anyone who wants to pass all levels of the CFA examination in the best possible way.

Sylvie Pin Harry
Passmax is an incredible program that I would highly recommend! The program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of every topic in an easy to understand way which can be used to solve any problem. The instructor's commitment and dedication is truly inspiring and will ensure you keep on the right track throughout the entire process. The program is very reasonably priced, offers the first two classes free for you to try out, and does not charge you again if you fail the exam and would like to re-enroll. If you are serious about passing, then Passmax is for you!

Unmatched process, would not recommend any class besides this one! Cheaper, more efficient and better results than any other class out there! A++

Sean Swift
I passed the exam with flying colours. I must thank passmax a lot for the classes as I found the teaching layout very unique and well thought out. I liked the focus on fundamental understanding and tying in concepts across the different asset classes.

ekant chaudhry
This is by far the best course I've ever taken. Krikor is an amazing coach and has an incredible understanding of the CFA material and investment finance. If you're serious about passing I definitely recommend this program. He doesn't just review material, he teaches you strategies and methods to apply your knowledge and solve problems. Come focused and ready to learn and I promise you won't regret it.

Luke Robertson
I saw a passmax flyer at school and kept it. When I enrolled for level 1 the first thought that came to my mind was passmax. I took classes for level 1 and level 2 from the coach (krikor) and it is the only prep program anyone in and around Toronto should take. The hands on, note taking, analogy approach helps a student understand the complex topics. The CFA exam is brutal, the prep sessions are structured to help build stamina for the exam. So basically you're hitting two birds with one stone. Moreover the quickness of the coach to get back to you is amazing. You don't have to worry about feeling 'dumb' asking questions as he will explain everything very professionally. The entire course is structured in a wave/layer approach,you go over the CFA curriculum multiple times so on exam day you are ready! If you are willing to commit, krikor will do his best to help you. Lastly, this is the best value program as well.
Thank you coach and passmax staff for all your help!

P. S if there was an option for more than 5 stars I would have gone for it!

Hamza Khan
This is by far the most structured and effective CFA program in Toronto. I attended free lectures at a few of the other prep providers when I first began the CFA program but NONE were at the same standard as PASSMAX.

If you are someone who is busy with work and life but determined to passing CFA then this is the course for you. Krikor provides you with EVERY tool required to passing the CFA on the first try except the hours. Without a question of doubt after each level I came out of the exam room with certainty I had passed because of the prep I had put in.

As far as an instructor, Krikor is more than knowledgeable. When you ask him a question and he pauses, it is not because he doesn't know the answer but because he is thinking of the best way to tailor the response for you. If you have a question while studying and you email him I have never seen him take more than 12 hours to respond and in some cases 20 minutes. He truly cares about every single one of his students passing to the point that he shows up on exam day at 6:30 in the morning! If that is not is not dedication then I don't know what is and I will leave it at that.

The last thing is cost. This course is more than fairly priced, when I was looking at other prep courses, most were double and in some case triple the price that PASSMAX was with half the amount of lecture hours. After taking this course and looking back I would have paid double. On top of that an education tax receipt is issued.

Blake Cluff
CFA candidates in Toronto are lucky to have Passmax at their disposal.
I utilized Passmax successfully for all 3 levels. A few things I found particularly helpful were:

1. Ground up approach: the body of knowledge is too broad to rely on things that may have worked in university, like memorization. Krikor uses a ground up approach to develop a deep understanding of the LOS. When I got into trouble on the exam, I was able to logically create formulas from the ground up given my strong fundamental understanding of the concept.

2. Scheduling: Your study schedule is laid out on a week by week basis. Some chapters are more involved than others, and Krikor considers this as he outlines your study schedule from Jan-June. All you have to do is stick to the game plan.

3. Availability: Krikor is not only available after lectures, but also any time via email as well. Being able to fire off questions via email and promptly receive a detailed response is incredibly valuable.

Sean Bates
I took Passmax for level 2 and 3 and I don’t think I would have been able to pass without this class. The ground up approach made the material very easy to understand and easily retrievable in crunch situations. This class is a MUST for anyone interested in pursuing the CFA designation.

Prerana Mahawela
Krikor and the Passmax team helped me pass all 3 levels consecutively on the first attempt (Dec 2016, June 2017, June 2018) coming from a non-finance background. Their simple approach to teaching the material and preparing for the exams were essential to my success. Highly recommend to anyone who is willing to put in the hours and follow the game plan.

Connor S
You will not find a more dedicated and knowledgeable instructor in the CFA curriculum. I did not pass the first exam when I tried on my own, but when I signed up with Coach's program I passed all 3 levels on the first attempt under his tutelage. All he asks is for you to be dedicated and put in the time and you will find success. He is always available for questions or help and he genuinely wants you to succeed. His approach worked perfectly with how I learn and I would argue the program works better than any other that you would pay 2-3 times as much for. Thanks again Coach.

Chris Ioannides
This CFA prep program is one of the most comprehensive ones yet! I can easily say that I would recommend the program to any CFA candidate who needs some guidance to prepare for the CFA exams. Coach does an excellent job of simplifying all of the CFA material and he truly cares about each individual candidate! He will be there for you every second of the way and is always quick to respond back to emails up until exam day. It would be deceiving to say that if you attend his classes that it is enough - you truly do need to also put in the hard work outside of class hours. Coach gives you the foundation to success, but it is ultimately in your hands to do the work needed to ensure a pass. This prep program is not for everyone since it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but if you're willing to put in the work, the payoff is huge! I have taken his prep courses for L2 and L3, both of which I am happy to say I have passed!

Aishwarya Vine
Hands down the best CFA prep program in Toronto! Why?
i) Coach simplifies the complicated formulas and solves most quantitative problems using visual diagrams/breaking it down into smaller steps, so it becomes easier to understand. Takes away the fear of memorizing formulas.
ii) Coach wants you to pass and is fully dedicated to doing so, only charges fee once until you pass the level. Classes are held in UofT campus every week (6hrs), which besides being very useful for visual learners, also helps to get you disciplined and keep on track, and motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough (distracted by work, family, etc)
iii) Takes the emotion out of the dreaded exam, gives you strategies and tactics to follow which can make a difference between passing and failing

I can keep going on and on. But will end with a personal note. I did all my three levels with the Coach and passed the exams mainly due to him. But when I decided to pursue CFA, I registered for Level 1 twice before coming to the coach, did not even go to the exam center those first two times- because I was not prepared ( initially I was confident that I could do it on my own, but got busy with work- fell behind and could not catch up; few years out of school and in a new job; scared of the 6 hr exam....). Even then, I was hesitant to go to the coach, after all there is the matter of cost for the prep program. So my thoughts were, Coach's fee is very reasonable and fair compared to other prep programs available in Toronto- and he is charging that fee one-time until I pass the exam- in the long run, it is a small price for the ease, guidance, discipline and saving another year for not having to repeat the exam. If you are still in doubt, just signup for his first two free classes to see for yourself. Best of Luck with CFA exams!

Shafiqur Rahman
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