Bilal Shahid, CFA Candidate

Very, very hardworking and committed professor. I am glad that I was a part of PASSMAX 2008

Rofida Bahmanian, CFA Candidate

I was frightened by the amount of material that I had to cover for the CFA exam and didn't think I would be able to learn and remember everything in time. But Passmax definitely highlights the most important points we need to know for the exam and connects the materials from different books together. Passmax also limits the memorization of formulas as the professor shows a way around memorization by clearly explaining the concepts behind the formulas. The professor is truly exceptional and works very hard to make sure each student does his/her best on the CFA exam.

Agostino DeAngelis, CFA Candidate

PASSMAX uses a very effective method in order to prepare for the very tough CFA exam. You can see your motivation increasing as you attend more classes. By the end of course, I was really confident in taking the CFA exam. PASSMAX provided me with the most valid tips, kept things focused, and provided me with some very useful personal feedback. In short, I got everything I needed in order to write the CFA exam effectively. I would recommend PASSMAX to everybody. With PASSMAX, there is no waste of time; you'll only get what the CFA exam requires.


Allen Benjamin, CFA Candidate

The CFA® exam is “brutal”, and in order to overcome the exam, you need a solid understanding of the concepts being tested, a strategy to prepare for the exam, and the endurance to remain at the top of your game during the exam.  PASSMAX offered all of the above; a thorough review of the topics being tested, a strategy to ensure that the probability of passing is maximized, and an endurance training which ensures peak performance on exam day.

Ehsan Butt, CFA Candidate

Heading to the first (free) lecture offered in the course, I was expecting a light-on-content, heavy-on-sales type of experience. As I soon found out, this was definitely not the case: what was, in fact, on offer, was a pure distillation of need-to-know material required to pass the CFA exam, in a format intentionally designed to build the focus, discipline, and stamina required of this exam. This particular style/format of lecturing did not deviate into something else after the freebies had come and gone -- in fact, the experience improved as my own confidence of mastery of the material accelerated the closer to exam date we got. I can almost surely say I would not nearly have been so well-prepared on my own accord, given the same timeline. Definitely, unit for CFA-unit, value for your money.


John Fung, CFA Candidate

The PASSMAX classes ended up being a lifetime experience.  Not only did they add value to the curriculum material, but they also incorporated many training tactics designed to enhance a candidate’s ability to pass the CFA® exam.  I had come to the class thinking that it was going to be a walk-through of past-exams; however, what I got was a series of very concentrated and intense prep sessions.  The lectures, question workshops, mock exam, instructor support, and exam day support all proved to be extremely useful.

Douglas Smith, CFA Candidate

PASSMAX's 17 week - 6 hour sessions are intense, disciplined and grueling. Not only did this prep program provide a comprehensive and consolidated approach for mastering the LOS's, but it also conditioned my mind to survive and deliver on the day of the very intense and taxing CFA exam.


Ankit Malik, CFA Candidate

I have a few things to say about the PASSMAX program

  1. When I first received the CFA reading materials, I had no idea where to begin. However, PASSMAX got me through this material using a strategic sequence which maximized my retention for the exam.
  2. The instructor's unwavering focus on the LOS's meant only coverage of examinable material; there was no waste of time or effort.
  3. The on-site support PASSMAX provided on exam day was great; all I had to worry about was the exam itself – nothing else

Jing Gong, CFA Candidate

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